I incorrectly predicted that there's no violation of human rights in IURCOVSCAIA v. THE REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA.


  • Judgment date: 2021-06-29
  • Communication date: 2018-04-17
  • Application number(s): 74360/12
  • Country:   MDA
  • Relevant ECHR article(s): 8, 8-1, 13
  • Conclusion:
    Violation of Article 8 - Right to respect for private and family life (Article 8-1 - Respect for private life)
  • Result: Violation

JURI Prediction

  • Probability: 0.600745
  • Prediction: No violation
  • Inconsistent


 In line with the court's judgment
 In opposition to the court's judgment
Darker color: higher probability
: In line with the court's judgment  
: In opposition to the court's judgment

Communication text used for prediction

The application concerns the allegedly unlawful interception of the applicant’s telephone communications within the framework of the criminal proceedings against her husband.
It appears from the applicant’s submissions and from the materials of the case that, contrary to the domestic law, her telephone communications were intercepted without her having any quality in the criminal proceedings.
Moreover, after the termination of the interception she was not informed about it, as required by the law.
The applicant complains under Article 8 of the Convention about the unlawfulness of the interception of her telephone communications.
She further alleges under Article 13 of the Convention that she did not have an effective remedy against the aforementioned unlawful interference with her right to respect for private life.